CBT Ministry Philosophy

Biographies are stories that leave fingerprints.

34645_w185George Muller’s biography left its fingerprints on our hearts many years ago; it enlarged our view of God and laid a foundation upon which we’ve lived our lives for the past thirty-plus years; it provided the basis upon which Chronological Bible Teaching Ministries was founded in 2010.

George Muller fed 10,000 orphans for decades without asking one person for a single dime—He simply believed that God was His provider and that He could be trusted; so, he prayed to God alone and told no one. His journals record thousands of answers to specific prayers that Muller prayed. George Muller’s prayer life challenged us to take every financial care to the Lord alone; that He would intersect our life with that of others and move on their hearts (without our help) to accomplish His grand purposes through us both—that, together we would experience God do something that could only be explained by God.

Therefore, all monies from the sale of CBT resources and all gifts given to CBT enter a non-profit fund dedicated to funding Bible literacy projects. Though honorariums for speaking and training are appreciated, they are not required. We believe that God knows our needs and that He will meet our needs. We simply seek to discover His will in speaking and training opportunities knowing that His provisions will always accompany His will.

Based on this philosophy of ministry, we have determined to act accordingly:

  • We do not solicit donations for the CBT ministry. We happily introduce the CBT ministry to others and answer questions about the CBT ministry, but we do not solicit money for this ministry. God has called us to develop Bible literacy tools, to tell His Story and to live His Story, not to raise funds.
  • We do not publicize the present state of the funds in order to move people to give to the CBT ministry, though we do offer full disclosure to those who ask.
  • We give away hundreds of copies of our publications around the world at our own expense and we permit overseas partners to translate and use these materials freely in their ministry. It gives us great joy to provide Bible literacy tools that God uses to change lives.
  • The speakers representing CBT offer their services of training and teaching free of charge. Though churches and organizations often cover travel, lodging and offer an honorarium, we do not expect financial profit as we travel and train. This frees us to accept invitations because it is God’s will rather than accepting opportunities based on church size and financial compensation.
  • We do not borrow money for projects nor incur debt in any form. We pay publishers in full for materials when printed and we never use a charge card without money in the back to cover the expenditure.
  • CBT teachers and trainers receive only what comes specifically designated for them. All other gifts go directly to funding Bible literacy projects. Neither donations nor CBT resource monies are used for salaries.

The CBT ministry exists for the glory of God and for the testimony of His faithfulness, “For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You, who acts for the one who waits for Him” (Isaiah 64:4).